Babywearing Wednesday and Boba 3G Review

Kicking off my very first babywearing wednesday is one of my first pictures of me wearing Little h. at 2 days old in our Boba 3G in Dusk. You gotta start somewhere, I began my babywearing journey in this Soft Structured carrier and a few days later started wrapping my baby.

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Adorable Baby Sunscreen Review

We live in Florida.  They don’t call it the sunshine state for nothing. So one of my biggest concerns outdoors with my 10 month old daughter is protection from the rays of the sun. This is something we will be dealing with quite a bit since we take daily walks with the bulldog and love to go to the ocean, I wanted to make sure I found something that worked very well. After starting my research on your average sunblocks and sunscreens, I was a little shocked by the list of poor ingredients in these bottles and sprays.

I did find one that I am beyond happy with and would love to share it with my fellow light green mothers and parents.

Baby Sunscreen Review ~

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Stuff We Love. Product Review, Simplistic Stitches.

Simplistic Stitches Review ~

I am a lover of one of a kind items. I am also a lover of homemade. Today I want to share with you Simplistic Stitches. I have to say this monkey she sent for little h. is absolutely adorable!   Continue reading