Frenchie Friday!

Frenchie Friday!! ~

Happy Friday everyone!!  I hope your week was wonderful. At our house we are very busy planning some adventures with little h. and the bulldog that are upcoming.

In honor of heading up north for a bit, I found this throwback pic of sophie hanging out in a patch of clover back in Ohio. As much as I love the beach, and the soft white sand,  I will be very excited to let Harlow explore some real, soft, non red ant attacking park grass on our trip.

I am hoping to find time before we leave to share some family pics we recently had taken and catch up before we head out, so check back soon!


Have a great weekend everyone!!




Adorable Baby Sunscreen Review

We live in Florida.  They don’t call it the sunshine state for nothing. So one of my biggest concerns outdoors with my 10 month old daughter is protection from the rays of the sun. This is something we will be dealing with quite a bit since we take daily walks with the bulldog and love to go to the ocean, I wanted to make sure I found something that worked very well. After starting my research on your average sunblocks and sunscreens, I was a little shocked by the list of poor ingredients in these bottles and sprays.

I did find one that I am beyond happy with and would love to share it with my fellow light green mothers and parents.

Baby Sunscreen Review ~

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Our Safe Sunscreen Search


Since having my first child, my views on many of the products I was buying for myself and my husband have changed. So this year when we went to purchase sunscreen for our family I did what any informed mother would do. I researched the ingredients on the bottle I had emptied at home. No harm right? I was shocked at some of the ingredients I had been slathering on my skin over the last year. So on my search went for a natural, healthy alternative for our family.   Continue reading

Frenchie Friday!!

Happy Friday to everyone here at lightgreenmothering. We have been a very busy family  preparing for little h.’s first big road trip adventures  and taking some family time to enjoy the beach and ocean. It’s so beautiful this time of year in Florida.

We also had the excitement of four total teeth this last few weeks and my little girl is crawing faster then I ever imagined a baby could crawl.

I promise to catch you all up on our last few weeks of absence to the page very soon. Until then, here is Sophie and Happy Frenchie Friday!!!

Frenchie Friday!

Frenchie Friday!

It’s Frenchie Friday!!
This week we are celebrating Father’s Day with a rewind photo collection of Sophie and my husband Jeff. Because technically, she is his fur baby.

This is the very first photo we have of Sophie, it was taken on our ride home from rescuing her:

Taking a little break during Disc Golf:

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EC Potty Pause Time.

Yes folks, We have a potty pause on our hands.  I suppose depending on how one defines it.  Around here, we consider anything out of the ordinary to our usual lines of communication a potty pause or rather break. To most EC’ers, it would mean a total refusal to go on the potty for a stretch of time wether it be a day, week, or even months as I have heard from other moms.  At our house it comes more in clusters of EC misses. Our Elimination Communication is changing.

Elimination Communication ~

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Frenchie Friday!

It’s Frenchie Friday!!


After little h. and I got back from spending some fun friday time with her baby friends, this is what the afternoon pretty much looks like. So much for your quiet time bulldog. These two are like best friends these days….


Frenchie Friday ~ lightgreenmothering.comHAPPY FRIDAY!

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DIY All Natural Baby Wipe Solution

As I shared in my post “What is in your baby wipes?” many of the baby wipes on the market are filled with unnecessary ingredients  I would rather not expose my child to if at all possible. Even if ingredients don’t make you want to choose an alternative, the waste you are creating from them or even the cost may make you think twice. So I would love to share with you a very cost effective natural solution that has worked well for our little family. **This is the recipe for solution only. I typically use flannel homemade wipes that I can easily wash with cloth diapers. I will share a super easy DIY with you for that very soon!


All Natural Cloth Wipe Solution

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What is in your Baby Wipes?

We started out just like most parents do purchasing what seemed like a never ending amount of disposable cloth wipes at the store.  Even choosing to use “natural or unscented real cloth” wipes. Then after reading the ingredients realized they weren’t so natural or real afterall. Just like many of other moms my love for Target is unmatched by any other “big box” store. I’ll be honest here, it is the one guilty consumer driven places you can typically catch me in on occasion. When I wrote this, I just happened to have this kind in my posession. I can vouch that there are many more brands out there with the same story. So, before you get that GIANT box of a million up and up cloth wipes or any other disposable wipes wherever you may go please read this:

Cloth Wipe Truth

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