One is so fun.

My daughter is very quickly approaching 17 months and every day it’s something new (its most likely a week in real life time, but in mom time it really flies by so fast). In the first few months of being one so very much changed.

Sometimes it’s the funny things.
We live on he same street as the local fire department so we hear more than our share of sirens. Little h. is very aware of them now and after looking and looking she starts whoooooo-ing back at it.
Or when she hears music and immediately starts dancing and moving to the beat like its the only thing in the world at that moment that matters (Seriously the cutest thing ever).

Sometimes it’s the not so funny.

EC has really been an amazing way to communicate. I can spot teething or sleepiness very easily by her patterns. However, I was not ready for the “hand dunking phase”. Kids really get a kick out of water in the commode. Seriously, I wasn’t ready to combat this yet. Welcome to EC toddler mode. Or when your wearing your babe at the local market and because your reusable bag is stuffed to the brim with fresh goodies you stuff the extra $5 in your bra for safe keeping only to realize your daughter nabbed it while in a front wrap cross carry and threw it on the ground on your way back to the car (yes, that happened).

Then there is the ugly.
Molars. Not just one molar but multiples at a time. Someone should really prepare you for your child on molars. No amount of teething tablets or amber necklaces are going to stop the attitude you were hoping to not see until your child is a teenager. Apparently molars are sort of the same. Serious mood swings from insanely happy to throw yourself on the floor pain tantrums. There will be mothers who claim to have magical babies who are not phased by teething and I say good for you, now please shut up about it while I pull all the tricks out of my bag to soothe my sweet little girl turned teething maniac.

Finally what makes it all worth it.
The feeling of being needed.
The full body hug when you pick them up.
The giggles and snorts.
The big wet sometimes misplaced on your nose or forehead wet kiss.
The sweet look on their face when sleeping.
When they try to brush your hair.
When they grab your old childhood stuffed animal and hug it like its the best thing ever.
Big sweet eyes when they see something new and exciting.
The first time your kid says mom.

Seeing that face and knowing you created that.

Pure magic.

Being a mother is the hardest thing I have ever done, and the best infinitely. It continues to help me find myself in this life journey. I will embrace the many more amazing (in more than one way) moments in one year old adventures to come.



Full Time EC. A year later.

It’s been a moment since I have shared our journey with elimination communication. If you have no idea what I am talking about or want to read more about EC, check out my post on it HERE.
Here is a refresher on our journey.

EC. 1 year later.  ~ Continue reading