Mother Forage. 

I must create. 

And I will. 

I will use my hands to construct all the things I am fortunate enough to have the ability to create. 

It fufills a part of me I feel sometimes I have lost in motherhood. Or maybe just in life itself. It renews me.

I use my hands because within my roots, those before me (very talented, close to me others) were not gifted the time physically or mentally to keep creating. 

It is pieces of me.

It allows me to dream.

Dream about the beautiful simple life I want to live with my little family. 

 I want to manifest good intentions that this will lead to a bigger way of supporting (or leading me towards)  the love filled, unschooling, wanderlust family vision we dream about. 

No matter what it becomes, I am just glad I am moving forward. Even be it baby steps right now. 

 Over the next few months I hope to share more about myself, my vision, and the meanings behind the pieces I create.  

I want to find other people who are already living similar dreams to listen to. To learn from. 

I want to facilitate life learning for my children. I want to create and love and….live! 

My shop will have bits of tie dye, blessing branches, kid/home vintage, hair accessories and much more! Most of it will be recycled or upcycled so you will be doing Mother Earth a favor too!  Your purchase will help grow my little dream and help support my little family. 

You can find my new little shop at the link HERE

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