Teething Baby Monster

We have had quite the week of teething pain. Yet still no sign of the little boogers. There have been many tears shed both on little h.’s part and mine as well.  She has been wearing her amber necklaces for months and they seem to have helped quite a bit with inflammation. We have also turned to all natural Hylands Teething Tablets which seem to help her with the pain, especially when she is fighting going to sleep because of it.  But let me fill you in on her most simple and favorite pain reliever. Continue reading


Easy like sunday morning.

Bulldog and a Baby

So it’s a typical sunday around here. But a frog dog I know got a new bed yesterday….i’m pretty certain she likes it. Continue reading

Shuffleboard Baby.

Little H. and I attempted to go shuffleboarding a few weeks ago and it poured rain instead.  So, after a few friends coaxed papa bean (aka my husband), we were off to the St. Pete Shuffle.   Shuffleboard is a sport even I can play and it is certainly an all ages event if you have never been.  With that said, we had no clue it would turn out to be such an interesting evening out.

Babywearing and Shuffleboarding Continue reading

About lightgreenmothering


This is me…Lightgreenmom 

A little about me and my little light green family…..My name is Heather (lightgreenmom). My amazing partner in this life Jeff and I have known each other since high school.  We have been on many adventures and gotten into many shenanigans along the way.   We finally were married in the winter of 2008.


Before becoming a mom, I was a stylist, educator and salon owner in a small town in Southern Ohio. I enjoyed the busy bustle of the salon, but felt there was something missing from the picture.

We then decided to move 1000 miles from the place we had called home since birth and start fresh by the beach in Sunny Florida. Along for the adventure  was our French Bulldog Sophie. You will certainly see her here at lightgreenmothering. Continue reading