Home Birth Story of Jovie Harmony

It started as most days do,  slowly waking with the family and doing daily life tasks. To take our minds off being “past the due date” (40 +3), my partner went disc golfing with our two older girls.  I stayed home taking time to relax and connect with the babe, working on a sale for my little handmade online shop.

I felt a bit different as the day went on. I just knew it wouldn’t be too long before she would be earthside with us.

That night, as we were putting the girls  to bed, I knew we were in the early stages of labor. Knowing that both of our other kiddos were multiple hours/days or labor, I decided it would be best to fall asleep and be prepared for what could come tomorrow. Around 12:30am, I woke up realizing the small rushes I had been feeling all night were getting stronger. I tried to relax and stay resting as long as I could, but I just couldn’t get comfortable. I also didn’t want to wake my husband and Jagger (our 2year old)  who were sleeping right next to me. Needless to say, sleep has been something we haven’t seen much of lately.

So I rolled the yoga ball out to the livingroom. I sat alone by candle light listening to music, counting contractions. Propped up next to the birth tub that has been sitting next to the couch for weeks waiting for this babe. The rushes didn’t seem to be lasting any significant amount of time so I assumed I had some time before we needed to fill the birth pool and call the midwife again.

By 1am the rushes were getting even stronger and varied from 30 seconds to 1 minute long. At this point I woke up my husband and he reassured me to relax and try and get a shower. He has always been good at keeping me calm.  By 2 am, they quickly had moved from 8 minutes apart to 1-3 minutes. I kept telling myself to get in the shower to relax, but couldn’t get there. I finally mustered up the energy to get to my partner for help to call Charlie our midwife.  He kept his cool and relayed all my confusing contraction talk to her. She was on her way fast!

As he hurried to start filling the birth tub, I couldn’t seem to move from the sink and doorway of the hall bathroom.  Suddenly my water broke and it came fast!  The next thing I can remember is my partner asking what he can do for me and I sobbed “Just hold me.”  So there, standing in the doorway, I hugged him so tight. This immensely strong urge to push just came from my body the second we hugged.

I said, “I think she’s coming!”. He reassured me it was just some “birth stuff”.  However, the next thing I hear with a natural push from deep inside my body is a little strong cry.  I look into the mirror and see her head and face! I quickly tell your him to reach for you because you were coming. He reached down just in time for our baby girl to spin right into his hands!

At that moment, we both sort of froze wondering what to do next. My husband was then holding her and asks, “Now what?” My immediate reply was “Hand her to me.” Knowing she wasn’t going anywhere since we were still attached by the cord.

Seconds after Jovie was born.

I stood there in absolute awe of this little miracle. Of what her and I had just done and of how amazing her dad handled the hard things that night.  About 10 minutes after she came, Charlie quietly opened the door to see us still standing in the doorway waiting for the next steps. Quickly followed by Jen another midwife at Barefoot Birth. They helped us into the bedroom to relax on the bed.  The placenta came pretty quickly and the next thing I know this little babe is  already cuddled up latching to nurse.

Her dad not only caught her on her way earthside, but also cut the cord.

Harlow (my oldest daughter) woke within minutes of this littles birth and met her right where she was born. She waitied patiently in her room playing with Jagger (the little big sister)  while we finished all the birthy bits.  They both came in to see her being weighed and measured.  Harlow helped put a hat on her head full of hair while Jagger tried to squeeze into all of her tiny baby clothes.

Sisters meeting.


As the midwives finished up all the things, I couldn’t help but just sit there And take in this tiny human.

Charlie Rae Young Midwife Barefoot Birth


Absorbing all of her beautiful little features and realizing we were officially a family of 5. That we were given another fierce little girl to grow with and to love.

Her birth was so much different than I could have ever planned. She made her own special entrance into the world on Labor Day. I am so happy you are here Jovie.

Jovie Harmony Davies

September 4, 2017


8lbs 3oz


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