EC 2 years later.

EC 2 years later.

I realize it has been a very long time since I have posted about our EC journey. We have been full time EC’ers since little h. was 2 days old. (If you don’t know what EC is read more about it here) Here we are 2 years later! I wanted to share an update for those of you curious as to where we are now and I also wanted to share some honesty about our journey with elimination communication.

So, I am happy to say that at 2 years old we are consistently going on the little potty or “big girl” potty 100% of the time. My 2 year old is in normal toddler underwear day and night and has been for a little over 6 months. We haven’t had a number 2 miss since she was a little under a year (even those were few and far between) We did have our minor setbacks of pee misses between one and two (you can read about that here) I don’t want to jump the guns and say graduated though. My definition of “graduated” seems to be a little different than the average ECer or even potty trainer of a toddler though I do believe. Let me explain;

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EC Night Time magic.

EC at night.

Many times I have been asked, “How does EC possibly work at night?” So after a recent discussion with my husband of knowing H needed to go and him not wanting to mess with our “magic dream routine” by putting her on the potty.
I of course was a jerk and just thought he needed/wanted sleep more.
Then I thought about it…
It made me blush. Magic? I was magic?
He is rather supportive of all my crazy life and parenting passions.
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Full Time EC. A year later.

It’s been a moment since I have shared our journey with elimination communication. If you have no idea what I am talking about or want to read more about EC, check out my post on it HERE.
Here is a refresher on our journey.

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