Belly Henna. 

In less than 2 weeks, my youngest babe turns One. In honor,  I’m posting a few stories I never published. Enjoy! 

A continuation of my little Blessingway story. 

Belly henna. One of my favorite fun pregnancy rituals. A way to celebrate and honor you and your beautiful  pregnant transformation and embrace the new life soon to come. This is my little gathering. 

Again, we are all about laid back around here. No fancy props or expectations. Just each other’s company and a fun safe place for the kids to play.

My doula Tracy and new soul sister and her daughter came in support as well. If you are in the area looking for a doula, you can find her here.

 Also in attendance was my dear friend and her two little ladies. She coordinated our henna day.

 It was the perfect moment. The artist, Erin Ernst from the  Sarasota, Florida area, is magical and such a positive creative energy in the room. Check her out here

   With the aroma of henna spiked with lavender swirling around this was a divine moment of motherhood. 

I wanted some sort of birthy mermaid mandala and Erin created this beautiful Mermaid mom and daughter following behind. 

This henna artist also did the art on my belly for my oldest daughter as well. 

I will cherish these moments and the wonderful mama goddess vibes I felt for a long time.



My virtual blessing way.

I’m going to back track with a few posts because I have been savoring every single second of Jagger’s little life and am ready to share some of it finally!  So I will begin with my virtual blessing way. It was a moment that changed the way I see things. A true moment of sisterhood.

Birth Flags.

During both of my pregnancies, I felt the urge near the end of it,  to really connect with my sisterhood. My tribe. This pregnancy however being my second, I didn’t need anything really. So a shower didn’t feel like an experience to live again. Let’s face it. My babies are minimalists. A few chopped onesies, some prefolds, Castile soap a potty bowl, a boob and we were good to go! So without a shower how would you connect with your tribe?

For me, this didn’t necessarily mean just my mom friends or those who were within driving distance. This meant all those women who have sparked a flame. The ones no matter if they have birthed a child Or not, they have birthed something to inspire me. The ones who fight the girl fight so to say. They radiate with empowerment, creativity,  and gratitude. 

I have always loved hearing stories of blessing ways and had never actually been to one. I started researching and quickly realized most of them were very local oriented . Which is such a beautiful thing, but impossible to make happen when half of your tribe lives 1000s of miles from you. So I decided to pour my inspiration into a private group invite to every woman I am moved by. It was unbelievable.

Invite via Facebook.

I wrote in detail about my love and gratitude for each person invited and how I wanted to share this special time with all of them. Since I couldn’t include everyone in a local ceremony, I decided to ask them to be thinking of us during labor. I also added my address and suggested that those who wanted to could send either a bead that reminded them of birth or of me and/or an affirmation for my birth flags. Both of which would be used in the birthing space. There are many other traditions or ideas for blessing ways, but for now I’ll just document my journey as it was. 

I am still in awe months later at the outpouring of well wishes, and creative gifts from friends near and far.

Wishes for baby. By Aunt Brandy.

I chose to keep updates on what I had received and what I was creating with them on the event. It is really something to look back and see all the love and support that poured in after I simply asked for a little sisterhood.

The very first bead I received .

And who doesn’t like getting surprises (not bills) in the mail? It was like perpetual Christmas every time I walked to the mailbox for an entire month!!

Mail time!!

Shower of gifts .

A very old friend’s charm boxes and a flag from my mom with my earrings from when I was a child.


I ended up with so many beautiful beads, I made two necklaces.

So many beads!! Blessing necklace.

Also, I created a wall hanging that continues to hang in the room where I birthed Jagger. It was something that just popped up in the last week of pregnancy. It now houses my birth necklaces as well. Little h. also collected the feathers and branch from our many trips to the beach while I was pregnant.

So many beads!! Blessing wall hanging.

The birth flags were more magical than I ever could have imagined. I love to do little projects like this. I had premade the banner part and posted the measurements for anyone who wanted to create and send their own creations. 
I didn’t get my flags up in those few moments before labor got intense.  They were however just as inspiring to look at once they were hung postpartum from my bed during our baby moon and round of family colds the first two weeks.

Blessing flags hung postpartum.

Lovely gifted flags.

Little h. even helped with flags.

The blessing way didn’t end here for me. One of my soul sisters planned a physical Blessingway that was kid friendly ( because the girls are always with me) with our Circle of Mothers tribe.

Keep checking back for my post on my kid friendly Mother’s Blessing.

Where is the sisterhood love?

A heart being used as a symbol of love. Photo ...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have been stirring on writing this post for a long while now. There it is, my fear of sisterhood backlash.  I’m not talking about sororities here, I’m talking about all woman kind and the way we treat each other.

I have always been a loner of sorts I suppose. Throwing my time and energy into projects for past jobs or a hobby rather than people outside of my immediate family.  Now that I am a stay at home mom, (gasp, I can’t believe I said it!) I made a vow that I would try and become more social for my daughter’s sake.  What I didn’t realize was how emotionally draining and depressing woman can really be.  I had no problem making people happy in my career. I was rather good at the work I used to do. People pleasing in the mom universe however is well….so incredibly mind numbing and confusing to me. I often feel a failure after a social meet up. I’ll say it, I am just so akward sometimes. In many ways, it’s just like going back to high school (which I really was not a fan of to say the least). I was pretty much a music and arts dweeb back then. Not much has changed. I have just added mom to my life resume. Continue reading

Pregnancy Picture Fun.

I planned on starting this blog while I was pregnant with little h. and well….my daughter is now a little over 9 months old already. Now that she has been earthside as long as she was in the womb. I think it is a great time to share with you the progression while I was pregnant with my very first baby Harlow.

I loved being pregnant. Yes, I was that girl.

The confidence I had while pregnant was amazing. I have never felt so strong and beautiful as I did during that time in my life. There is just something so much more important than wasting that time focusing on your flaws, all I saw was the amazing transformation my body was making to grow my child. Yes, there were a few bad things that happened like the swollen feet towards the end and the morning sickness feeling I had for a little while in the beginning. But still, I will take that any day for that feeling I had while I was pregnant and the gift I was given of my daughter at the end of it.

So here are our very candid pregnancy photos week by week:

 Pregnancy Picture Fun ~ Continue reading

Babywearing Ballet

Babywearing Ballet

I haven’t posted about my love for babywearing quite yet so I can’t think of a better way to kick it off: Continue reading

Breast. Anywhere. Anytime.

For most of my life I didn’t even think about breastfeeding.

One: I was not yet a parent

Secondly: Because I really never saw anyone actually doing it.

So when I finally had friends and acquaintances around me who did nurse in public I was VERY taken back by my own actions.

I didn’t know where to look. 

     I felt so akward not by my friends actions, but rather my own for not knowing how to handle something that in reality is an extremely natural act that the world around me has made me afraid to look at a baby nursing? Really, me?

      I share this because little did I know prior to that, friends and mothers all around me were doing the exact same thing in bathrooms, and private rooms or choosing to bottle feed with breastmilk in public. I want to first say that there is nothing wrong with your comfort level or what you choose to do as a mother, but to rather think about it in another perspective all together.

     One where without words we are teaching communities in which we live about this amazing gift we as mothers can often produce. It’s great for the environment and it is fully sustaining our young and their need for food the entire first year of life virtually for free!

English: WPA poster promoting breast feeding a...

English: WPA poster promoting breast feeding and proper child care, showing mother nursing baby. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

     Now a few years later and I look back and now that I breastfeed in public, I wonder how that very experience or rather akwardness of mine would most likely never existed had it been the normal vision day to day over the course of my entire life to see women breastfeeding in public? Continue reading

Teething Baby Monster

We have had quite the week of teething pain. Yet still no sign of the little boogers. There have been many tears shed both on little h.’s part and mine as well.  She has been wearing her amber necklaces for months and they seem to have helped quite a bit with inflammation. We have also turned to all natural Hylands Teething Tablets which seem to help her with the pain, especially when she is fighting going to sleep because of it.  But let me fill you in on her most simple and favorite pain reliever. Continue reading

Birth Story Movie


Birth Story Screening. St. Petersburg FL

I have grown a very soft spot in my heart for the Ina May Gaskin thru my pregnancy and my short time as a mother thus far. She is nothing less than remarkable. Her work as well as the rest of the farm midwives for over 40 years now has empowered me to know that our bodies as women are very powerful and somewhat magical in a way.

I have learned in my own birth that I wish more of Americas medical professionals would believe in the womans body and ability to birth more. Did you know that America’s natural birth rate is below 2%? Ina May and her Farm Midwives are at 95%! What have we become? Continue reading