Babywearing Wednesday and Boba 3G Review

Kicking off my very first babywearing wednesday is one of my first pictures of me wearing Little h. at 2 days old in our Boba 3G in Dusk. You gotta start somewhere, I began my babywearing journey in this Soft Structured carrier and a few days later started wrapping my baby.

Babywearing Wednesday! ~
What do I have to say about our Boba 3G? It is amazing!! It is so perfect for the new babywearer. It was a cinch to use with a newborn with no attachments necessary. Just a simple flip of the bottom buckle and a snap at the waist and we were ready to go. It has been a lifesaver for doing all of those mom tasks around the house since she was born.

Little h. in the Boba I am not so worried about staining it or damaging it when doing harder jobs around the house. It spot washes wonderfully and is very durable.
It has a high back so your little one has plenty of head support.
It comes with foot straps and a rain hood that can be removed for use of the roomy top pocket, and also has a zipper pocket at waist as well as a non zipper pouch area at waist. There is also snaps at the shoulder to snap your diaper bag or purse to so that you don’t have falling straps while wearing your babe. I personally like to use them to hold my keys too. My only real complaint is the elastic that holds extra strap length has worn and stretched out so it doesn’t contain the extra straps and it just kind of hangs instead of being contained in the elastic.

Little h. in the Boba
You can wear your baby on front, facing you as well as wear them on your back comfortably. I still use this as my go to for fast trips to take the dog out or on super rainy days where wrapping can’t be done so easily accomplished out of the car. Added plus LightgreenDad loves to wear Little h. In the Boba and it fits him well too!
Find out all the details of the Boba 3G or find a trusted retailer here.



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