If only there were more girl superheroes.


It’s no secret to those who know me that I love a good documentary. I had a moment to finally finish one that has been on my watch list for a long while now.
Missrepresentation is all about a girls role in society. It discusses how media and advertising plays an integral role in encouraging our sons and their fathers to feed into its over sexualized content.
For me, the opening scene was myself. A mom who now has a daughter and wants her to be everything she dreams of. To be content with herself and love who she is becoming.
In real life, I’m terrified for her to become older.
Seriously terrified.
I really feel that I had a great childhood and growing up. But it was the 1980’s and 90’s. Diets were everywhere from Richard Simmons to Suzanne Sommers, I even had my grandma tape Mouser-size (we didn’t have cable where I lived at the time) so I could “work out” as a kid. Yes I said tape it.
Growing up my mom, one of the best mothers was always hard on herself for her self image and remains to this very day. Then I started my career in a large spa, and around me, plastic surgery in fellow co workers and magical meal replacements. It’s funny how all these things play on your conscience as you are growing into adulthood and here I am, still remembering them now.
I guess what I am trying to say is even a self proclaimed geeky art girl started to worry about how she was seen in the world.
All of us at one time or another have questioned our own image. Unfortunately, it’s everything in print ads, on the Internet, and television and movies, most of the time it’s what sells it.
Even our daughters “role models” are these perfect impossible princess characters. Ones with tiny waists and big eyes waiting for someone to come save them from their life.
We are so hard on each other. Especially women.
Looking at politics for example, women are so very outnumbered. What is sad is no matter what the woman’s political standpoint, automatically most men and women are more likely to vote for the male counterpart. Why? Because women are the hardest on each other. Hillary Clinton was noted to be “the bitch” during her campaigning. It’s Sad, the way we automatically in our heads jump to conclusions about one another.

What If more superheroes were girls?

I don’t mean leather skin tight suits with mass cleavage either. But REAL badass heroines that you remember because of their wit and character and superpowers? What if we started to tell bedtime stories about Super-heroines? What if girls were given capes and boots with that crown and pink glitter boa?
What If we begin to accept ourselves as we are more often than not, and celebrate what we are instead. Give our children the superpower of self love and acceptance right from the start?
As a mom I can say its hard to be in love with my lack of makeup and hairstyle most days. But my daughter has also taught me that there are way more important things to be concerned with than vanity and appearances at this moment. Like dancing to the “Kites are fun” song as soon as we roll out of bed, or that early morning tea party. She doesn’t care that my high lights have 4 inches of regrowth, or that I failed to remember mascara to the grocery. She reminds me life can really be more simple. I just have to go with it. Why waste time thinking about what everyone else thinks.
Stand for something YOU are passionate about.

I want my daughter to grow up strong, smart and confident. I want her to be empowered in making her own dreams come true and inspired to love every bit of her being.

It is my superpower to make this happen.

I’m a mom.

How about you? What superpower are you working on?

P.S. The amazing picture at the top of this post was done by an amazing artist of my daughter and french bulldog. How cute is that?

You can find more of her work or contact her directly here.



An Open Letter To My 9 Month Old.

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