Three month EC pep talk.

The following is a letter I am writing to myself just as much as everyone else who is on the elimination communication train. Even though my second is now 7 months of age already. I wrote this and it was lost in my drafts. So I’m posting it now just in case I need to reference it if we truely decide to rock this parenting thing for a third child. I must remind myself it does take time, patience and love.

Dear ECer, 

    Don’t stop now!! You are doing a great job! Remember why you started this practice in the first place.

 You are communicating.

Three months isn’t a very long time to get to know your little completely. It takes time. She/he is developing new thoughts, motions and sometimes all of those things take a front seat to listening to cues all the time. 


You are communicating the best you can for now. Be an open arm for potty-tun-i ties. and be okay with stepping back when it is too much for either of you. 

It will get better. 

Even though it feels like miss after miss, at the end of a learning streak of other things, children who have regular EC communication typically come back even more aware than before the new development that has taken place. 

Your cleaning less poo diapers at this point most likely. If that isn’t something worth a high five or victory dance then I don’t know what is.   

You are building yet another means to communicate and let your child be heard thru their own needs. 

You have got this. Keep going. You will be glad to have had the time with your little.

Bookmark this page and read it as many times as you need during those bad days you may stumble upon. 

Know someone else is feeling the same way you are right now. You are not alone!


EC 2 years later.

EC 2 years later.

I realize it has been a very long time since I have posted about our EC journey. We have been full time EC’ers since little h. was 2 days old. (If you don’t know what EC is read more about it here) Here we are 2 years later! I wanted to share an update for those of you curious as to where we are now and I also wanted to share some honesty about our journey with elimination communication.

So, I am happy to say that at 2 years old we are consistently going on the little potty or “big girl” potty 100% of the time. My 2 year old is in normal toddler underwear day and night and has been for a little over 6 months. We haven’t had a number 2 miss since she was a little under a year (even those were few and far between) We did have our minor setbacks of pee misses between one and two (you can read about that here) I don’t want to jump the guns and say graduated though. My definition of “graduated” seems to be a little different than the average ECer or even potty trainer of a toddler though I do believe. Let me explain;

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