Stuff We Love. Product Review, Simplistic Stitches.

Simplistic Stitches Review ~

I am a lover of one of a kind items. I am also a lover of homemade. Today I want to share with you Simplistic Stitches. I have to say this monkey she sent for little h. is absolutely adorable!  It’s personalized and even has a little heart on it’s tush. The anchors I thought were insanely creative since we live near the water. It’s nice and soft and oh so squishy!

Simplistic stitches also offers quilts, bags (I have a few of those too and will review them soon) Boo Boo Bear Sets, Baby Bibs and much more!  Simplistic Stitches also creates many items to send away to different charities and to those in need of a little smile. I can’t imagine a cute little monkey like this not putting a smile on a face!

Since these monkeys are personalized in different ways, they make wonderful Birthday Gifts, Baby Shower Gifts, and can even be made to show your school spirit!

*If you have a special design in mind I’m sure she would love to hear from you! You can message her. Simplistic Stitches is still a little shop so you can find her here on Facebook.

Little h. not only loved the box it came in (suprise, suprise.)

Simplistic Stitches Review ~

She LOVES the monkey!!Simplistic Stitches ~

This is a product we love!!

*We would love to hear from you!! If you are interested in a review by lightgreenmothering, or would like to be considered for a giveaway to our readers, please contact us at:



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