Family VS. Technology

lightgreenmothering.comI was once an addict. To my iPhone. Yes, you heard it here. Back in the days of running a salon, traveling to style bridal parties, and also to educate, my phone pretty much ran my life. When I didn’t have scissors in my hand, there was my phone. It was there to book appointments, check the weather, emails, get a map anywhere. You get it, pretty much everything. When we moved to Florida, I no longer got calls 24/7. Actually, I never got phone calls, and I can’t explain the feeling. It was a freedom I had forgotten. It did seem lonely, maybe even like borderline abandonment. A total detachment from the phone seemed impossible right? Continue reading


Beach Day!

Pass A Grille Beach

Pass A Grille Beach

It’s been quite a gloomy day here in “Sunny  Florida” so no better time to share our lovely family trip to the beach yesterday! I must say now that my husband isn’t working crazy shifts at two jobs we are finally (8months into this baby thing) getting into the swing of family time. No one tells you just how much more complicated it can be getting out of the house  with a baby. Continue reading