Healthy Vegan Lactation Bars

Lightgreen Healthy Vegan Lactation Bars

As a exclusively breastfeeding mama (yes, we are still EBF at almost 9 months) I have ran into a few days of less than full feeling breasts to feed my growing little girl. Especially when the dreaded time of the month comes around. So, to keep my supply up I started drinking Fenugreek Tea, otherwise known as mothers milk tea. But it had adverse effects on my stomach and in all honesty made me clear the room I was in after drinking it. So, a few of my mama friends mentioned lactation cookies.

They had me at cookie.

So, after numerous batches of lactation cookies from recipes I have found from other mamas and online, I realized they have all had ingredients in them that have been either quite unhealthy, or non vegan and also VERY sticky (and needless to say I LOVE cookies and can’t have just one). So, I decided to experiment and create my own recipe filled with all the things I have loved about the 20+recipes I have researched. I also decided to go with a  bar instead of a cookie so I don’t have to mess so much with the sticky dough. You can choose to make cookies if you want.

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