Frenchie Friday!

It’s Frenchie Friday!!
This week we are celebrating Father’s Day with a rewind photo collection of Sophie and my husband Jeff. Because technically, she is his fur baby.

This is the very first photo we have of Sophie, it was taken on our ride home from rescuing her:

Taking a little break during Disc Golf:

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Frenchie Friday!

It’s Frenchie Friday!!


After little h. and I got back from spending some fun friday time with her baby friends, this is what the afternoon pretty much looks like. So much for your quiet time bulldog. These two are like best friends these days….


Frenchie Friday ~ lightgreenmothering.comHAPPY FRIDAY!

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Frenchie Friday!

It certainly is beautiful here in Sunny Florida this Friday morning. Sophie decided to get a little fancy for Frenchie Friday this week.

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Frenchie Friday!!

Every friday, I will post a new photo of my french bulldog being awesome of course.

Here is my very first Frenchie Friday photo:

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Easy like sunday morning.

Bulldog and a Baby

So it’s a typical sunday around here. But a frog dog I know got a new bed yesterday….i’m pretty certain she likes it. Continue reading