DIY No Sew Cloth Baby Wipes.

At last! I am finishing my DIY series on homemade cloth baby wipes. Today I will share with you the super easy no sew way to make your own simple cloth baby wipes. Seriously, this is so easy! I started making these after researching what was in my daughters conventional disposable wipes. You can read more about that here. You can make these for next to nothing. I used old receiving blankets we were no longer using and also a few I found while thrifting (old ones are expecially good because they are super soft).

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EC Potty Pause Time.

Yes folks, We have a potty pause on our hands.  I suppose depending on how one defines it.  Around here, we consider anything out of the ordinary to our usual lines of communication a potty pause or rather break. To most EC’ers, it would mean a total refusal to go on the potty for a stretch of time wether it be a day, week, or even months as I have heard from other moms.  At our house it comes more in clusters of EC misses. Our Elimination Communication is changing.

Elimination Communication ~

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What is in your Baby Wipes?

We started out just like most parents do purchasing what seemed like a never ending amount of disposable cloth wipes at the store.  Even choosing to use “natural or unscented real cloth” wipes. Then after reading the ingredients realized they weren’t so natural or real afterall. Just like many of other moms my love for Target is unmatched by any other “big box” store. I’ll be honest here, it is the one guilty consumer driven places you can typically catch me in on occasion. When I wrote this, I just happened to have this kind in my posession. I can vouch that there are many more brands out there with the same story. So, before you get that GIANT box of a million up and up cloth wipes or any other disposable wipes wherever you may go please read this:

Cloth Wipe Truth

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Laundry and EC

Laundry and EC

One thing I quickly noticed while practicing full time Elimination Communication, was that once we were over the newborn phase, we really were not going thru too many cloth diapers. So I was getting to the place where I didn’t have enough to do a full small load of laundry. I started just doing a soak and then washing other towels with them and then doing a dry. Simple solution right? Continue reading

No more Snappi shirt snags.



Ok, so I am going to let you in on a little secret that was shared with me by a fellow mother (you know who you are and I can’t thank you enough<3)  I was ever so excited to no longer have shirt casualities. By the way this is a total “aha”, why didn’t I think of that kind of moment so be prepared. Continue reading

EC, What is it?


Elimination Communication

Elimination Communication (Photo credit: lkonstanski)

You ask, what exactly is EC? 

EC is a short term for Elimination Communication. Also known as natural infant hygene. It is a  gentle, laid back process in which a baby has the opportunity with the loving support of parents and caregivers to share it’s elimination needs and have his/her needs addressed. Typically beginning from 0-20 months, but really is it ever too late to positively communicate anything with your baby? Continue reading