Teething Baby Monster

We have had quite the week of teething pain. Yet still no sign of the little boogers. There have been many tears shed both on little h.’s part and mine as well.  She has been wearing her amber necklaces for months and they seem to have helped quite a bit with inflammation. We have also turned to all natural Hylands Teething Tablets which seem to help her with the pain, especially when she is fighting going to sleep because of it.  But let me fill you in on her most simple and favorite pain reliever.

Remember all of those little washcloths you got at your baby shower? Well I have another use for them!

  1. Get them damp with either water or breastmilk, wring it out.
  2. Roll them up (you will get creative with that part after a few).
  3. Freeze them.

Easy as that. I usually keep a few on hand in the freezer so as she thaws one out, there are more ready to go. After it is used you can easily throw them in the laundry and you have a fresh new cloth. Inexpensive, and much greener than it’s plastic gel filled counterpart.

little h. enjoying her homemade teether

I have to say teeth are one thing that can make a mother feel helpless. The fact of the matter is teeth hurt. Whether you can see them or not they are there and they are my babies arch enemy at the moment. All I can do is continue to comfort her and offer her my love and support as she makes it thru this big milestone.

What have you found helps your baby thru teething?



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