Shuffleboard Baby.

Little H. and I attempted to go shuffleboarding a few weeks ago and it poured rain instead.  So, after a few friends coaxed papa bean (aka my husband), we were off to the St. Pete Shuffle.   Shuffleboard is a sport even I can play and it is certainly an all ages event if you have never been.  With that said, we had no clue it would turn out to be such an interesting evening out.

Babywearing and Shuffleboarding

Since the parking lot was packed, little h. decided to travel on my back, Ruck Tied Tibetan. If you ask me she had the best seat in the house.

Babywearing and Shuffleboarding

So, as I was saying, it was an interesting evening. Typically there may be live music, or regular musings of the characters at the shuffleboard club on friday nights, but this night the St. Petersburg International Folk Fair Society, also known as SPIFFS were the entertainment for the evening. Indian, Bulgarian, Chinese, German, and Vietnamese food, music, and dance filled the space as everyone shuffled.

As you can see, Harlow enjoyed the shuffling action…

Shuffleboarding Baby

But she also enjoyed this….

Shuffleboarding Baby.

A traditional Chinese Lion Dance right in the middle of the courts! There were also indian dancers who she danced along with from the spectator bench.

Little H. was finally handed her first shuffleboard paddle….and wouldn’t you know she’s trying to whack me with it?  Never a dull moment with an 8 month old baby.

Shuffleboarding Baby

She finished the night out in her dads arms playing a final round.

Babywearing and Shuffleboarding

So the next time you need something fun to do with your family, think outside the box. Try something new and unusual to your daily life. You just might have fun!



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