My virtual blessing way.

I’m going to back track with a few posts because I have been savoring every single second of Jagger’s little life and am ready to share some of it finally!  So I will begin with my virtual blessing way. It was a moment that changed the way I see things. A true moment of sisterhood.

Birth Flags.

During both of my pregnancies, I felt the urge near the end of it,  to really connect with my sisterhood. My tribe. This pregnancy however being my second, I didn’t need anything really. So a shower didn’t feel like an experience to live again. Let’s face it. My babies are minimalists. A few chopped onesies, some prefolds, Castile soap a potty bowl, a boob and we were good to go! So without a shower how would you connect with your tribe?

For me, this didn’t necessarily mean just my mom friends or those who were within driving distance. This meant all those women who have sparked a flame. The ones no matter if they have birthed a child Or not, they have birthed something to inspire me. The ones who fight the girl fight so to say. They radiate with empowerment, creativity,  and gratitude. 

I have always loved hearing stories of blessing ways and had never actually been to one. I started researching and quickly realized most of them were very local oriented . Which is such a beautiful thing, but impossible to make happen when half of your tribe lives 1000s of miles from you. So I decided to pour my inspiration into a private group invite to every woman I am moved by. It was unbelievable.

Invite via Facebook.

I wrote in detail about my love and gratitude for each person invited and how I wanted to share this special time with all of them. Since I couldn’t include everyone in a local ceremony, I decided to ask them to be thinking of us during labor. I also added my address and suggested that those who wanted to could send either a bead that reminded them of birth or of me and/or an affirmation for my birth flags. Both of which would be used in the birthing space. There are many other traditions or ideas for blessing ways, but for now I’ll just document my journey as it was. 

I am still in awe months later at the outpouring of well wishes, and creative gifts from friends near and far.

Wishes for baby. By Aunt Brandy.

I chose to keep updates on what I had received and what I was creating with them on the event. It is really something to look back and see all the love and support that poured in after I simply asked for a little sisterhood.

The very first bead I received .

And who doesn’t like getting surprises (not bills) in the mail? It was like perpetual Christmas every time I walked to the mailbox for an entire month!!

Mail time!!

Shower of gifts .

A very old friend’s charm boxes and a flag from my mom with my earrings from when I was a child.


I ended up with so many beautiful beads, I made two necklaces.

So many beads!! Blessing necklace.

Also, I created a wall hanging that continues to hang in the room where I birthed Jagger. It was something that just popped up in the last week of pregnancy. It now houses my birth necklaces as well. Little h. also collected the feathers and branch from our many trips to the beach while I was pregnant.

So many beads!! Blessing wall hanging.

The birth flags were more magical than I ever could have imagined. I love to do little projects like this. I had premade the banner part and posted the measurements for anyone who wanted to create and send their own creations. 
I didn’t get my flags up in those few moments before labor got intense.  They were however just as inspiring to look at once they were hung postpartum from my bed during our baby moon and round of family colds the first two weeks.

Blessing flags hung postpartum.

Lovely gifted flags.

Little h. even helped with flags.

The blessing way didn’t end here for me. One of my soul sisters planned a physical Blessingway that was kid friendly ( because the girls are always with me) with our Circle of Mothers tribe.

Keep checking back for my post on my kid friendly Mother’s Blessing.