Lightgreenmom update. 
It’s been a long while since I have posted and instead of apologizing, I will just say life with two babies takes much presence.

I’m here to be real with myself this year. 

I have been mostly at home retreating in my piles of laundry, sub par meals and trying to figure out how the hell to be the mother, wife and the human I aspire to be all at the same time. To fully embrace my new slow life adventure.  AND…I almost have a ONE year old again. 


How do I not have my shit together yet?

It’s been a year and I STILL have no idea who I am.

I am really bad at pushing the publish button here. I have a draft page a mile long and the posts never got the chance to be seen. All because I never pushed publish. Total mom move right?

So it is my intention to make this a place to document the good, the great, and sometimes the ugly and crappy stuff too. The creative moments. The moments of motherhood. Maybe a little yoga or silly dancing may be involved as well. Cursing may happen (I have two kids and try not to verbalize my sailor mouth because of their insane ability to repeat, so it may end up here a bit) The lighter green way we live as a family. Enjoying the wealth of a slow life and shoestring living.  The little things I learn along the way. A place to keep track of the little snippets that make life worth living.

Because all of it. That is real life, right?  

I want to be as mindful as I can with my family, so know that I would love to hear from you! I will respond when I am given the opportunity to be fully present to connect. 

You can Email me at: 

When I am not here, I can be found on Instagram


You can also PM me there. 

Most of all, thank you for being here and sharing a bit of life with me!



2 thoughts on “Lightgreenmom update.

  1. Ditto on the mile long posts to never be seen by anyone! Maybe one day we will press publish without hesitation …that and the many hats we try and wear in one day! I hear you mama..floating in the same boat 🙂 mu husband and I are thinking about adding another cub to our pack and I’m just now getting my ‘me’ time back… I want to, but am wondering how you do balance it all.. Thanks for your post 🙂 needed to read this today!

    • Thank you for the love! Most days there is so much awesome. We have discussed a third already. Currently though, life says just two right now. Although I don’t feel like that is final. Motherhood is such a roller coaster. I’m still rather convinced it is the most confusing and rewarding thing I will experience in this life.

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