Art Dependent interview.

Art Dependent.

Art Dependent and her workspace.

There is nothing better about discovering something new and actually knowing the real life story behind the purchase you make.  I personally love to be able to look around in my life and know the story behind the items in which I choose to share it. So I really want to start taking my love of creative, small independent business a little further. I want to start interviewing some of my favorite creators and share them here at lightgreenmothering.

I finally got a moment to talk Art and inspiration with a wonderful friend and the artist behind Art Dependent.

Jillian of Art Dependent.

Jillian of Art Dependent.

She did the awesome super girl canvas of little h. and Sophie from a few posts back. (you will soon see them in little h.’s room reveal.  I will say her art is in many little nooks of our home and every piece is special to us. One of my most favorite is the one she gave me on a trip back to Ohio to visit. We had just announced we were pregnant with little h. It is a mother and her baby owl. Every time I look at it, I’m reminded of the hours of her under my wing. I am very excited for the upcoming years it will be here for me to remember them long after she grows up and flies away from me.  Honestly, I can’t get enough!

So I had to take the time to share her work and a little about the creator Jillian McAdow with all of you. One of my first questions is one of my favorite questions to ask;

Lightgreenmom “What is your inspiration?”

Art DependentInspiration comes in many forms. Nature would have to be the most influential source. Textures like moss on a rock or the spikes of new growth on a budding flower. I am constantly in awe of the amazing contrasting textures and colors in the world.

On Creating;

Art Dependent  Creating has always been a selfish act. I create things that make me happy. Sometimes I think maybe I should paint dolphins (because everyone likes them) then I think to myself f*** dolphins. I like jellyfish and octopus.” 

t Dependent

Lovely Octopus art by Art Dependent.

Lightgreenmom “What is your most memorable project?”

Art Dependent  “The most memorable moments actually stand out not because of what was created, but how it drew a response. I have been blessed to see tears and smiles which have touched me more than words of praise.” 

On Travel;

Art Dependent “I absolutely love to travel. Creativity comes from exploration and discovery. Traveling has a remarkable way of slowing me down and heightening my awareness.”

Lightgreenmom  “So where is your favorite visited destination for creative inspiration?”

Art Dependent   “Diversity is key. I am happy spending time in the Caribbean swimming with sea turtles or being on the streets watching people and dnjoying graffiti. You never know when or where inspiration will strike.”

Lightgreenmom “Lastly, where do you dream to someday go?”

Art Dependent  “I want to travel everywhere. I want to photograph everything. The only plan I have had since I was little is to see the world and make it more colorful.”

I always like to talk about girls who rock and Jillian is certainly one of those girls. Her work speaks volumes to the take no nonsense kind of chick she is.

So if you are looking to brighten up a friends day with something beautiful or are looking for something special for yourself, check out the links below to add some more color to life!


If you would like to purchase or talk to Art Dependent about a special project, you can find her work on Etsy here.

Or Like her page and keep up with fun new projects on Facebook here.


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