Back seat baby travel bag.

Backseat Baby Bag ~ lightgreenmothering.comWe recently returned from our first long car trip with our daughter. I found having a bag just for her prepared in the backseat was a lifesaver. Here is a little list of what worked for our trip. This list was planned with weather in mind for our adventures to Tennessee from Florida and back in the summer.1. Diapers: Since we EC, we kept extra prefolds and snappis in our backseat bag so we wouldn’t be stopping as much to dig thru the trunk for them. We also had a potty bowl (the blue bit in the picture) for DD to use on the road stops.

2. Wipes: disposable wipes would even work for car travel, but we used cloth and our homemade wipe solution. Great not only to clean bums but for hands and etc. while on adventures.
3. Change of clothes: Just in case. Because you never know with babies.
4. Bug repellent: We took Badger Bug Balm with us. Good for all of us and compact for traveling. (It also smells amazing)
5. Sunblock: we have been using Adorable Baby. Find out more about it here.
6. Toys and Books: pretty simple one here. Pack a few small car toys for entertainment. Maybe even a board book or two.
7. Sun Hat or Sunglasses: just in case the mood strikes and you decide to adventure, you have them right on hand and ready to go.
8. Light Blanket: Just in case they do indeed nap and the car is cool.

9. Snacks: Little h. is not much for food still, she still is mostly breastfed. However, she did enjoy playing with my apple and eventually started chewing on it. Just remember your little one will be in the carseat, so be sure to pack the most mess free snacks you can think of. Those little babes can be very messy when eating.

10. Wrap or Carrier: Always stashed in my bag and ready for quick access just in case you want to stop quick for a picture with the worlds largest peanut or something.

What are your essentials when you travel on the road with a baby?



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