Tennessee, Our First Family Vacation.

Hiking and Babywearing ~lightgreenmothering.comI know I have been absent lately, but I promise I have been working on some great posts in my mind. Little h. is very on the go and needless to say I don’t get alot of time to just sit at my computer and blog. As you may have read in my blog about our family and technology, my home computer is virtually the only means I use to blog. Crazy I know.

Babywearing in the mountains lightgreenmothering.com

We have also been away on our first family adventure and went to Tennessee with Harlow.  I am excited to share with you some of our trip. Our first official stop in Tennessee was to Rock City in Chattanooga, Tennessee. It is from here you can see 7 states from one point:

See Seven States ~lightgreenmothering.com

You can also see this beauty from atop the mountain.Rock City Tennessee ~lightgreenmothering.com

The one thing I wasn’t prepared for was the sillyness of all of the gnomes, fairys and storytale creatures throught Rock City. I must say it was a kitschy plus for our family. We usually intentionally search out oddities like that. This one just came right to us.Gnomes in the mountains. ~lightgreenmothering.com

As you can see I was beyond excited to go into fairyland caverns. Just the outside of the cavern was beyond amazing. The picture doesn’t even begin to explain the beauty. The whole face of the cavern was crystals!  Fairyland at See Rock City Tennessee ~lightgreenmothering.com

The amazing Lover’s Leap. This sits atop Rock City, and  is where you can see all seven states from.
See Rock City Lovers Leap ~lightgreenmothering.com

We made a quick stop on one of our rainy days at Frozen Head State Park. We were in route to the town of Rugby, took a wrong turn and without GPS or a real map decided to stay where we knew we were at and missed Rugby all together. But Frozen Head sure was beautiful. If we would have planned a bit more for this leg of the trip, we would have explored some trails.

lightgreenmom loves nature! ~lightgreenmothering.comTaking a break in the rain with Lightgreen dad.
Harlow and LightgreenDad ~lightgreenmothering.com

This is how Lightgreenmom spent quite a bit of  car time. Fellow moms, does this nursing position look familiar to you? Little h. quickly became not so much a fan of driving around. She just wanted to get out an explore. So lots and lots of comfort nursing made her a happy baby.  
Nursing on the go. ~lightgreenmothering.com One of our most favorite stops in all of Tennessee was by far Fall Creek Falls State Park in Pikeville, Tennessee.  It was a total random, oh that looks pretty, and it’s not too far away choice too…so glad we went for it.

Fall Creek Falls in Tennessee ~lightgreenmothering.comIt was raining the entire time we were here, but it just added to the beauty of it.

Babywearing on a bridge. ~lightgreenmothering.com

Harlow was very excited to say the least to see mountains and waterfalls for the first time in her beach filled life. So interesting to her dad and I since we both grew up in Ohio in the country.

Harlow likes waterfalls ~lightgreenmothering.comAnd what is sweeter than a babywearing dad? LightgreenDad did alot of babywearing on our trip too.Babywearing Lightgreen dad ~lightgreenmothering.comWe decided since Little h. fell fast asleep on my back to make our way onto the trails, we ended up hiking around 5 miles this day in the rain to see this, and yes LightgreenDad just had to climp onto something not meant to climb on to get this amazing shot:Fall Creek Falls in Tennessee ~lightgreenmothering.comHarlow finally woke up, covered in mountain mist to see what was going on. Baby Love Wrap. ~lightgreenmothering.comThe final stop to our trip happened at Ruby Falls. Which was very close to our starting point Rock City…I mean literally on the same road. We really loved the beauty of the falls, but we aren’t much for guided tours. I prefer to explore on our own and even more to have a little bit left to the imagination. This place had signs for everything, which sort of drives me crazy. Especially when you are trying to take a picture of something beautiful and BAM, there is a sign spelling out exactly what it is.  For example, here I am (jokingly) touching the one rock we were allowed to touch in the whole place for means of preserving the natural state of the cave. Too bad others didn’t follow the no touching rule. The guy in front of me felt the need to touch every nook and crevice thru the entire cave. Ruby Falls Tennessee ~lightgreenmothering.com

And here we are, 1120 feet underground with the beautiful Ruby Falls. Named after the explorer Leo Lambert’s wife. One of the largest recorded underground waterfalls in the world. 
Ruby Falls Tennessee ~lightgreenmothering.comRuby Falls Tennessee ~lightgreenmothering.com  So Tennesse was absolutely beautiful and what a wonderful place to take the family for a first vacation full of adventure!

Where did you go with your family on vacation for the first time?



4 thoughts on “Tennessee, Our First Family Vacation.

  1. wow just amazing pics! I love fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants adventures. sometimes when it’s not all planned out is when you find the best hidden gems. this happened to me when I drove I80 out west & found the interstate closed in Colorado due to snow. well it can be closed till who knows when, so I checked my paper map, did a U-turn & got onto some state routes that took me around the closure. BEAUTIFUL RANCHES!!! I would have totally missed by staying on the interstate. glad for the unexpected adventure! seems like you all were too!

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