Family VS. Technology

lightgreenmothering.comI was once an addict. To my iPhone. Yes, you heard it here. Back in the days of running a salon, traveling to style bridal parties, and also to educate, my phone pretty much ran my life. When I didn’t have scissors in my hand, there was my phone. It was there to book appointments, check the weather, emails, get a map anywhere. You get it, pretty much everything. When we moved to Florida, I no longer got calls 24/7. Actually, I never got phone calls, and I can’t explain the feeling. It was a freedom I had forgotten. It did seem lonely, maybe even like borderline abandonment. A total detachment from the phone seemed impossible right?
I made the decision to toss in the cell phone. I started to realize how much of my world was being blocked by such a silly thing. Added plus, I started to save $150 a month on my phoner bill! Soon after, I found myself hyper aware of the human intrigue with smartphones, tablets, and social media. I also realized how unbalanced our society has become. We all have interaction with it whether it be work or leisure and feel the need to multitask to the extent of half listening to everything in real time life over it. It makes me want to slap phones out of peoples hands in certain public situations now. What happened to a real meaningful face to face conversation? I also found after giving up my cell phone I received many snarky comments from the smart phone brigade of mothers who thought it was so irresponsible of me to be pregnant (and now) raise a child, without one. “I mean, what happens in an emergency and you have no phone?” My response, “How about borrow one of the million other phones surrounding me at any given time?”
I may sound super old but, It boggles my mind how dependent we have become on them in such a short timespan. Easy, convenient yes, but at what cost?
My daughter has yet to interact with a cell phone and other than Skype with family up north, and the occasional Daniel Tiger or Sesame Street, she’s not connected to tech gadgets much. I am not really against it (except for part of me who thinks there should be cell police with the sole job of fining offenders for talking and texting while driving.) I just try to make a conscience decision for our family to limit it. Family time is so much more important.

I can tell you over a year and a half has passed since I threw in my cell phone and the only thing I miss is my map feature. (GPS would do the same I have neither) I have survived, with a baby even, without any form of cell phone. We have a modest home phone in our household and a pay as you go basic cell for LightgreenDad to take along to and from work for emergencies.
As far as other technologies in our home we have one television in our entire home and a single computer. We have an old beat up iPod that travels with us as well for extra long car rides. LightgreenDad grew up playing video games obviously as most males of the 90’s era would so he also has a playstation he plays on occasion and streams movies and documentaries (ok I stream documentaries, a guilty pleasure). We also have two old iPhones that work as Alarm clocks and the occasional time suck for a quick status update near WiFi. It’s more than enough for us.

Sometimes I imagine even less would be quite nice.

One thing at a time I remind myself, we are still in city limits.



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