Family time. The Beach. And Babywearing.

Time is flying by so fast I can’t believe it has been over a month since we did this shoot. Harlow is 10 1/2 months old now and even though she has only been earthside with us less than a year, I honestly can’t imagine life without her now.  During this shoot, she was cutting two teeth and  I must also note that we woke her for a just after sunrise shoot as well to beat the heat. She did quite wonderful considering the circumstances.

lightgreen babywearing family ~

Babywearing is a huge part of our family outings. So far in little h.’s life we have not had to even touch a stroller. And honestly, most of the adventures we get into you couldn’t very well even access the fun with one. Even little h’s dad loves to babywear!  Here we are wearing a Girasol Double Rainbow Purpura Diamond Weave woven wrap. I find woven wraps (this one is cotton) are just fine for the hot summer weather here in florida and are very versatile to do most any kind of carry in. They also double as hammocks and blankets amongst many other things (I could make a whole post about the multiple uses for wraps). They are my must have baby item. lightgreen family ~

Little h. is all about climbing and moving about these days, so this was our first photo shoot with little miss mobile. Made for a pretty interesting time. I have to give props to the photograpers at Babyface Portraits for being so amazing and patient with our little family. I love this family pic. lightgreen family ~

lightgreen family ~

Seriously, how cute is Harlow’s face in this one?lightgreen family ~ lightgreenmothering.comLittle h. and her dad love to play in the water. You can usually find these two exploring the water when we go to the ocean. Especially when there are a bunch of shells or fish in the water.
lightgreen babywearing ~

This kid loves to be worn! We got the largest smiles out of her when she was on my back. But who wouldn’t smile when being worn in a ruck in a Double Rainbow?

We have been savoring family beach time now that the hubby has most evenings off. There is nothing like the sound of the ocean and time with the family.

I’m sure you will see some of our sunset adventures on the beach very soon.  We also took a trip to Tennessee and got back to Florida just a few days ago so you can look forward to many more adventurous shots to come in the next few days. Or should I say when little h. decides to take a nap and give this mama some quiet time to post here, haha.



3 thoughts on “Family time. The Beach. And Babywearing.

  1. I just love all the photo’s your photographer done a wonderful job. Your all so beautiful!!

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