Frenchie Friday!

It’s Frenchie Friday!!
This week we are celebrating Father’s Day with a rewind photo collection of Sophie and my husband Jeff. Because technically, she is his fur baby.

This is the very first photo we have of Sophie, it was taken on our ride home from rescuing her:

Taking a little break during Disc Golf:

A little quality nap time:

A walk in the park in Ohio:

A little pool time:

It’s pretty obvious by the way my husband has always been with our dog that he would make an amazing father to our little girl. He is certainly out numbered by all of the girls in the house, lucky guy right?



One thought on “Frenchie Friday!

  1. He is lucky your girls are all beautiful! How could anyone ever have a bad day surrounded by beauty? 🙂 Surprised by Sophie’s big smiles- usually she has the bull face! My fav is the car pic & the nap pic. So sweet! Happy 1st official father’s day JEFF!!! Enjoy!!!

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