EC Potty Pause Time.

Yes folks, We have a potty pause on our hands.  I suppose depending on how one defines it.  Around here, we consider anything out of the ordinary to our usual lines of communication a potty pause or rather break. To most EC’ers, it would mean a total refusal to go on the potty for a stretch of time wether it be a day, week, or even months as I have heard from other moms.  At our house it comes more in clusters of EC misses. Our Elimination Communication is changing.

Elimination Communication ~

Little h. has not only had two teeth cut thru, two more are surfacing and giving her quite a time.  She also has started crawling at lightening speed thru the house. Leaving me moving from room to room as she hows me time and time again what else I seemed to forget while “baby safe-ing” the house.  This all happened in the last two or so weeks. I am pretty much convinced in this size of a home you can’t hide everything from a curious 9 month old.

So as one can imagine, h. has way more important things to focus on.  Like every day finding any means possible to try and nab her dads ice cold starbucks cup as soon as he gets home from work, so she can teeth the side of it while staring cross eyed at the siren on the side of it.

Then of course she gets so excited that she can do these things, she holds her pee until she just can’t hold it anymore, freezes in place for that split moment and pees in ther trainers.  In one way I can’t say that I blame her. I wouldn’t want to stop having fun to go to the bathroom either.  But sometimes the selfish me thinks, “could you yell and let me know you gotta go rather than me not see you freeze up?” I mean, that’s a hard cue when your doing dishes and you look away for that secont to put a cup in the cabinet and look down at a puddle. Soon realizing that isn’t dishwater splashed on the floor.  But then again that IS her way to let me know right now and I just have to learn to go with it.

If you are in the same boat, I can say it does always seem to come around though.  We had the same happen a few months back when she started sitting up. New developments such as sititng up, crawling, walking and also growing and teething can all have effects on a babies ECing cues, and lack thereof. In h’s case, a few days after she got the hang of sitting up, we were right back on track.

The funny thing about h. is she doesn’t totally pause.  She will still go on most occasions, but it’s when “she” wants to and gets irritated to say the least if I misread or offer when she isn’t into it.  Yes, she is not even 1 and she already has opinions. That is one of the fantastatic things about going on this EC journey with her.  I feel like she has the ability to express her needs and she knows that I am there to help her until she can do it on her own.

So, until we get back on track, I will continue to offer the potty. No over praise when she does go and no pressure if she doesn’t or we have a miss. No need to make her feel she has to go when offered if she indeed does not. So back to bare prefolds and a snappi (for my rental carped home sake mostly) and enjoy some quality book reading with her during potty time. I really think the picture says it all about how this can still be turned into a positive non pressure approach to the potty, at any stage in the process.

We also choose to avoid praise when she goes (though sometimes I secretly want to high five her when she does)  or make a big deal of misses. We choose this approach because we never want potty time to become stressful. Sometimes children need to do things at their own pace without the pressure to always perform from praise or from sterness. Someday she will get there and the moment will be all hers.

**If you would like to know a little more about EC or elmination communication check out our other blog post here: EC, What is it?



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