What is in your Baby Wipes?

We started out just like most parents do purchasing what seemed like a never ending amount of disposable cloth wipes at the store.  Even choosing to use “natural or unscented real cloth” wipes. Then after reading the ingredients realized they weren’t so natural or real afterall. Just like many of other moms my love for Target is unmatched by any other “big box” store. I’ll be honest here, it is the one guilty consumer driven places you can typically catch me in on occasion. When I wrote this, I just happened to have this kind in my posession. I can vouch that there are many more brands out there with the same story. So, before you get that GIANT box of a million up and up cloth wipes or any other disposable wipes wherever you may go please read this:

Cloth Wipe Truth

I was suprised to find the ingredient Propylene Glycol (not deep into the ingredients list either, it was the SECOND ingredient) in Littke h.’s baby wipes. If you don’t know what that is, it is primarily used in automotive antifreeze. Being that I live in Florida I can also tell you this ingredient was used in very large quantities in the product we call Corexit as an oil dispersant. It caused quite a stir when it was used during the deepwater horizon spill in unprecedented quantities. In a study done in 2012, Corexit increased the toxicity of oil by 52 times. Even though the Food and Drug administration deems it safe, something tells me I would rather not come into contact with it if at all possible and it really isn’t something I want to be placing on my babes bum.

I also found 2-Bromo-2Nitropropane-1,3-Diol or more simply stated as Bronopol. This ingredient is suspected of causing gastrointestinal, liver toxicity, skin and organ toxicity. It should also be noted it is already restricted for use in cosmetic in Canada. What really got me on this ingredient is that it releases formaldehyde slowly over time. All of this for a little antimicrobial agent in wipes?!? I mean how toxic is baby poo and pee anyway? is it worth slathering my babies bum in chamicals like this?

We decided to cloth diaper to save on waste and even with that I still couldn’t believe how much waste I was creating from all of these wipes. We even were splitting those giant wipes (I mean how big is a babies butt anyway?) down the center to conserve and STILL were going thru a giant economy size box in less than a month. This had me thinking I really needed to make a change.

So, now that you have read thru just a little of my technical jargon on the subject, I want to first say that I am not trying to instill fear in you, but rather share with you my findings and thoughts on the subject (and save you some moolah in the process) If you would like an all natural solution to your disposable wipes, you can make your own with my LightGreenMom’s Cloth Wipe Solution.


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