Babywearing Ballet

Babywearing Ballet

I haven’t posted about my love for babywearing quite yet so I can’t think of a better way to kick it off:

So Little h. and I had the chance to take a babywearing ballet class a week or so ago at a local dance studio. The lovely Diana over at Wrap Your Baby sent out an event about doing a photo shoot while doing ballet for the Ellaroo wraps she stocks on her site.

Here is Little h. doing her stretches prior to popping in her carseat to head to class….

Babywearing Ballet ~

There were so many mamas that wanted to do the class that we were very lucky to get in on the first one. I will state for the record that I am not a ballet dancer as most of the other mamas weren’t either. It was rather a great opportunity to bond with our little ones while enjoying the company of fellow babywearing mamas.

Babywearing Ballet ~ lightgreenmothering.comHere we are wearing the beautiful Ellaroo Ysabel Woven Wrap. As were all of the wraps in this shoot, It’s light, and airy (which when living in Florida is pretty important) Also, if you love color and fringe these wraps are for you!

 Photo: Psalm 139 Studio Babywearing Ballet ~ lightgreenmothering.comI might also note Little h. is wearing her little black leggings for the occasion.

This graceful mama posted below in the front is wearing one of my favorites from the class, it is Ellaroo Monreau :

 Photo: Psalm 139 Studio Babywearing Ballet ~ lightgreenmothering.comPhoto: Psalm 139 Studios Babywearing BalletThis is another one of my favorite wraps from the shoot below,  Ellaroo Maija Woven Wrap.  I’m pretty certain this darling baby didn’t see the sleepy dust inside of the wrap before the shoot. Photo: Babywearing Ballet ~ lightgreenmothering.comSleepy dust all over! Babywearing is a great way to get your little one comfortable cuddled up next to you to take a little nap. Bonus, you not only can get chores done, but you also get to do fun activities like ballet!

Photo: Babywearing Baller ~

Who says you can’t dance, babywear, and feed your baby? This mama is wearing the beautiful Ellaroo LaRae (this was one of my very first wraps)
Photo: Babywearing Baller ~

You can even tandem babywear! Check out more on how to do this at the wrapyourbaby blog.
Psalm 139 Studios Babywearing Ballet ~

This was a nice little shot of our little class:Photo: Babywearing Ballet ~

Little h. had a great time at her very first dance class! Psalm 139 Studios Babywearing Ballet ~ lightgreenmothering.comI hope you enjoyed our little post on babywearing ballet. Maybe soon you will have it in your area as well. The lovely photos were done by Psalm 139 Studios. A local photograper who is also working on an exhibit that will be releasing soon,  about normalizing breastfeeding. (Stay tuned for a post with more details and how you can help!)

Have a great weekend!



5 thoughts on “Babywearing Ballet

  1. Love this, and have admired Ellaroo wraps in the past…. seeing so many in action makes it even harder to like just one! 🙂

    • Ellaroo wraps are great. Especially if you have a little one since they are thin. I like to wear my baby for long periods of time, so the ellaroo isn’t my go to for that, but I do love them for quick trips in the heat.

  2. wow you got to be a strong momma for tandem baby wearing. awesome. all the babies look so peaceful & happy. i bet none of them will ever be tantrum throwers

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