DIY No Sew Baby T-Shirt

DIY Baby T-Shirt ~

I did alot of purchasing  for little h. at thrift stores, second hand shops and thru friends with cute stuff long before I even had her. I also received many, many onesies as gifts. So needless to say I owned alot of clothes that in my opinion really are not very convenient to put on a baby.

Especially when Full Time ECing.

However I can’t think of a better way to green up your nursery than by purchasing previously loved clothes for a baby. They are going to grow out of them very quickly anyways right?

I remember trying to put her in these cute little onesies or skirts with built in bloomer on and as soon as I would snap the crotch, it was time to potty again. So, I found a way to solve the problem…even without a sewing machine. (if I had one I would most likely fancy them up with a hem, but they are cute either way)

Also, you may find with onesies especially, they outgrow them and they wear them maybe once or twice if you are lucky. By making t-shirts out of the, they can wear them long after growing out of the snaps.

So here are some super easy steps on how to make cute shirts for your little ec’er (or your cute baby with that adorable fluffy printed cloth diaper):

  1. Pull the snaps apart on the crotch of the onesie and lie on a flat surface.
  2. Grab a ruler and draw a nice straight line straight across from the top of one hip seam to the other. (or skip this step as I do and freehand a line)
  3. Grab a pair of nice sharp scissors and cut across your line.
  4. Ta-Da!! you have yourself a cute little baby t-shirt.

Now to find something creative to do with all of the bottoms…

DIY Baby T-Shirt ~

I can’t even tell you how freeing it is to cut the bottoms off of these things. You should totally try.



4 thoughts on “DIY No Sew Baby T-Shirt

    • I don’t currently own a sewing machine, and hope to get one soon, but suprisingly enough wash after wash I have yet to have one break at the seams. I was pretty excited about that. If I had a sewing machine I would most likely hem or add something cute to the bottoms of them. I love the quilt idea!

  1. You are my HERO!!! I kept meaning to do with all of the onsies I had for #2, left over form #1… I did EC with both from the start, and thought how stupid the snaps were, and I just haven’t gotten around to chopping the few snappie onsies that I own. I purposely never bought snappy clothes because of the ECing that I did…. Did they unravel a bunch though? The reason that I never chopped them was because I didn’t feel like taking the time to sew them up 🙂

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