Babies Love Faeries.

Babies Love Faeries in Gulfport Florida

Besides the obvious love of the ocean and beach, the one thing that I have fallen in love with since moving to Florida is the town in which we call home. Nestled right on the Boca Ciega Bay, Gulfport is a little slice of old Florida.  This is my first post in ode to Gulfport.

This past weekend we were having alot of fussy baby teething, so needless to say I had little h. in a wrap with the bulldog in tow, walking around the neighborhood.  Within view of our normal walk I noticed quite a bit of action in the park nearby. So naturally we headed back home and I realized it was Springfest, otherwise known to the locals as Faerie Fest. So I popped little h. in our trusted Didy Pfau in a ruck carry and off we went.

Ruck Carry ~lightgreenmothering

First stop was The Goodfaeries play, put on by Three Muses and a Fool Productions. A local Theatre group. You can’t help but stop and see a show when half of the audience is dressed like faeries!

Babies Love Faeries

Harlow of course had to get her picture with her first ever faeries after the show…..
Babies Love Faeries

We ended up heading home because I forgot a little hat for my fair skinned child. So as I was nursing her I was looking over the schedule and what do you know, our childbirth educator was performing with her band Passerine. So naturally we had to head back over and see them for a bit. Their music is beautiful,  and if you ever get a chance to see them you should.

Passerine ~lightgreenmothering.comEven thru all of the teething this weekend, I quickly found even though sometimes it seems like alot of work and a gamble to take a screaming child out of the house, often times it is just what they need to get their little minds off of the pain. Now if only these pesky teeth would just pop on out already.

Another happy ending….

Babies Love Faeries.



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