Take me out to the ball game.

So my husband loves playing disc golf and won tickets to a baseball game this week. We are fortunate enough to live just a few minutes from Tropicana Field. So we celebrated Harlow’s very first Major League Baseball Game at the Rays stadium in St. Petersburg, Florida:

H. at the Rays game.

She was so excited to see all the people

lightgreenmom and H.

If you are a Rays fan, you know that our pitcher David Price also has a French Bulldog named Astro. We sat in his section the K-9 district. Little h. really loved waving the David Price paper head around…..
Take me out to the ball game

And around the 7th inning, she looked like this…..

What a week!Even though it was the only game the Rays lost against the Yankees so far this season, it was still a great experience.

On our way back to our car however, a lady outside sitting on the side of the street very drunkenly asked me “Heyyy youuu….can I hold your baby?” Um, as much as I love just handing my child to random strangers downtown (totally joking)….I’m gonna pass…



6 thoughts on “Take me out to the ball game.

  1. Hi there 🙂
    I am your second cousin, John and Betty Goodlive’s daughter, Pam. I look so forward to reading your blogs. I wanted to tell you that I know your Grandma and Grandpa Huston would be so proud of the way you are raising Harlow. And, the way you care about saving the environment. When I saw the pictures of your little “washer” and “dryer”, it reminded me of watching my mother and grandmothers using a wringer washing machine. No clothes dryer; they were hung on a clothesline. Thank you for the memories 🙂 Hugs from the Eastern Shore of Maryland to you and your little family 🙂

    • Awww, that is so neat! I remember growing up and my grandparents had the most amazing farm of fruit and veggies. I wish that I would have fully understood how important it was back then and wish it was still around for my child to see. Now that I look back on it, it was truely amazing. I would LOVE to line dry, but where we live there is no place for one so we went with the next best. Hugs back to you here in Sunny Florida<3

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