No more Snappi shirt snags.



Ok, so I am going to let you in on a little secret that was shared with me by a fellow mother (you know who you are and I can’t thank you enough<3)  I was ever so excited to no longer have shirt casualities. By the way this is a total “aha”, why didn’t I think of that kind of moment so be prepared.

I hope by sharing this, you will save your most coveted shirts! Anyone who EC’s with bare prefolds and a snappi snap has been caught a time or two with the downward “T” of the snap. Maybe even if you use wool or some other type of cover this has happened in transition to getting a cover over it.

Well, here is a step by step on how simple it is!

GraspThe “T” shaped piece and pull the hard plastic snap part just as you would pull a button from a shirt.

Just like a button.

Ta Da!Voila!

And it's off of there!

And there you have it. The piece rather easily has been removed from it and if you ever decide you want to put the pesky thing back on there, you can put it right back together.

I hope I saved at least one of your favorite nursing shirts from the wrath of the snap.



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