Beach Day!

Pass A Grille Beach

Pass A Grille Beach

It’s been quite a gloomy day here in “Sunny  Florida” so no better time to share our lovely family trip to the beach yesterday! I must say now that my husband isn’t working crazy shifts at two jobs we are finally (8months into this baby thing) getting into the swing of family time. No one tells you just how much more complicated it can be getting out of the house  with a baby. I feel like we are finally finding the balance of it. And we totally rocked this trip to the beach. Well, minus me looking like a cooked lobster today. (Yes, that’s right I was so worried about little h. I forgot my sunblock)

little h.

Little h. watching dolphins

H. loves standing up against everything nowadays and has me wondering if the phrase “You must learn to crawl before you walk” is really a true statement.


We were lucky enough to not only enjoy a nice breeze off the water, but a whole little group of dolphins just a few feet off of the shore were playing about in the water. It’s the little things.

EC on the Beach

EC on the Beach

And yes folks, we EC on the beach.

It’s almost time to upgrade to a larger travel bowl. In case you are wondering what we use on the go, under her in this picture is a little glass pyrex bowl. It’s heavy enough she doesn’t knock it over, the glass cleans very well and doesn’t absorb smells like plastic.  Added bonus, it comes with a sealed lid just in case you are somewhere you can’t dispose of it. Sure beats carrying around smelly diapers in the beach bag.

Even with the dreaded sunburn, a trip to the beach is always a great time. Next on the list is finding a creative way to get all of our stuff from the car to the beach in one trip 😉


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